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Fox News Doles Out Marriage Advice Just As Obnoxious As You’d Expect

This may shock you, but Fox News recently aired a segment that was out of touch, out of date and pretty damn sexist. Weird, right?

I almost couldn’t believe it myself, but then I remembered that Fox lets people say sexist stuff on-air basically all the time. Oh, and there was that whole culture of sexual harassment in the workplace thing. But I digress.

I make it a point not to watch Fox News too often because I can’t afford to be constantly replacing my TV after I smash it in a rage. But sometimes their segments are so egregious they make their way into my orbit anyway.

Case in point: the bozo lady (author Suzanne Venker) who took to Fox & Friends to suggest that women need to be the beta in a relationship, not the alpha. In other words: stop being so naggy and give your man all the sex and respect he so rightfully deserves. I’m paraphrasing here, but I promise that’s basically the message.

Let’s examine some choice quotes from the interview:

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt: “So you’re alpha when you go to work. You’re powerful, you’re strong. You come home, what does the husband need from the woman?”

Venker: “The husband needs from the woman softness instead of hardness. So happiness instead of anger, being more compliant and less dictatorial. Basically not telling him what to do.”

Later, co-host Brian Kilmeade asks, “So we can leave our socks out, and we expect the wife to ignore it after a while?”

To which Venker responds, “She needs to understand that those socks are there not because you expect her to pick them up, but because you just don’t see the socks or you don’t care about the socks.”

Got that, ladies? Your 5-year-old might be capable of picking up after themselves, but you’ll totally emasculate your husband and destroy your marriage if you expect a grown ass man to be able to find the hamper. Please excuse me while I vomit all over my keyboard.

Is it not 2017? Why are there still news segments telling women how to cater to their husbands? I get that there are plenty of women out there who embrace the stereotypical “happy homemaker” role by choice, and that’s great for them. But this segment is clearly aimed at those who don’t, and it’s telling them not to expect equality in a relationship. A woman doesn’t have to be “soft” and “feminine” to be a good wife, and to suggest otherwise is a bunch of dangerous bullshit.

If you don’t have respect in a relationship and two partners on an equal footing, your problems are going to be a hell of a lot bigger than dirty socks.