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Crayola to Release New Crayon Shade and Twitter Has Some Hilarious Suggestions

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama

This week, as my brilliant friend Rhiannon reported, Crayola announced it will retire the yellow Dandelion crayon from its 24-pack.

Which Crayola Facebook fans were NOT happy about. Here are just some of their (very real) comments:

Dandelions are a child’s favorite “flower” to pick for their parents and we’re going to take that color away from them!? Why not a different color!?!? – Charlee M.

I’m hoarding away all the unused dandelion I have!!! – Rebekah B.

Oh, no! Yellow is my son’s favorite color. I think he’s colorblind, so Dandelion is his go to yellow! I hope I can buy some single colors. Love #crayonlivesmatter! – Carolyne S.

I’ll tell you where I want Dandelion to go… Right back in the dang box where it belongs!! – Rebecca S.

Let’s ignore how disturbing the #crayonlivesmatter reference is and move on to the fact that all of these people need to get some real friends immediately.

Then, on Friday, presumably to calm the angry mob, Crayola announced that it plans to replace Dandelion with a new crayon color. The new color will be part of “the blue family” and they plan to reveal the new shade in May. They also mentioned that they’ll invite fans to help name the color over the summer.

Well, Twitter decided to get a head start on suggesting names for a perfect new crayon:

It’s starting to sound like 2016 should get its own 24-pack.