Should you make an infographic?

I learned today that there are free infographic tools out there on the Interwebs just waiting for people to come and use them.  Naturally, I decided that meant I should probably make one, given they’re practically begging to be created.  So here it is: An infographic that will help you […]


Ode to Cookie Dough

Cookie dough, you are so gooey; Cookie dough, you taste like yum. Cookie dough, you make me pooey When there’s too much in my tum.   Cookie dough, you make me happy; Cookie dough, it’s you I seek. When I’m feeling down and sappy, In the fridge I take a […]

Humor, Parenting

16 Parent Phrases Decoded

[nextpage title=”Page 1″ ] As parents, we have a vernacular all our own — things we tell our children, which we either A.) Say because we don’t know what else to do, B.) Don’t really mean but think sounds good anyway, or C.) Really, really swear to God we’re gonna […]