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Bare Knuckle Street Fight Breaks Out at Peewee Football Game

People in the South love sports. You could even go so far as to say they “bleed” team spirit—but never during a bare-knuckle street fight at a peewee football game because that’s just wrong.


Though most adults know better than to lose their sh*t over a bad call in front of their kids, a group of grown-up boys (otherwise known as fathers and coaches) began throwing punches at a youth football game in Georgia, and the entire incident was captured on film.

According to WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News, the “brawl” happened Saturday morning near Hapeville Elementary School after two teams from the Georgia Youth Football Alliance (YFA) had finished playing one another.

The ten-second video begins with a sweet display of sportsmanship by a group of 5-year-old boys who are lined up, walking the slap-line into a postgame handshake.

Suddenly, the camera pans over to the right, where one of the coaches—donning a bright red tracksuit—slowly walks toward a man wearing a black hoodie (presumably another coach) and punches him square in the face; that’s when eyewitnesses say all hell broke loose and someone pulled out a weapon.

Reporter Matt Johnson, who shared the video on Twitter, said parents became angry over the results of the game.

“Parents (were) running, screaming, crying, trying to get somewhere safe, not knowing if the person that had a weapon, if they were going to shoot or not,” an anonymous witness told Johnson. “I feel like kids should never have to witness that.”

Witnesses also claim there was another group of kids on the field when the fight took place who were “forced to play their scheduled game” afterward.

Unfortunately, most of the men involved in the fight were gone before police arrived, but parents are hoping the video will highlight the lack of security at these games to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

“There’s never any security so you don’t know who’s bringing weapons into the football games,” said the eyewitness. “I think you should set a better example if you’re a coach.”

Perhaps if these parents had known about the dangers of pushing kids to specialize in sports, they would have avoided performing hand-to-hand combat in front of their children. After all, it’s all about setting an example for your kids balance, so do us all a favor and save the bloodshed for boys night out.