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What happens when you're mistaken for being older than you are? A lot of anger and teasing from elderly neighbors. Did we mention anger?
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48 Is The New 60

Today at the grocery store, against my better judgment, I allowed a bored cashier to convince me to go through her checkout line.  I’m a self-checkout kind of gal, usually.  I mean, that’s just how I roll. “Hey, you gave me too much change,” I told the cashier. “No, it’s […]

Think finding a good man is hard? Just head to the local hardware store. Here's why Home Depot is the new
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Why Home Depot is the New

[nextpage title=”Page 1″ ] Do you, like me, need a break from news stories about wars, terrorists, and know-it-all businessmen who think they can run a country? Let’s discuss something utterly inconsequential today instead — say, how my spouse’s unfortunate penchant for extreme home renovation led to my figuratively throwing […]