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21 Reasons Pumping Gas SUCKS
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21 Reasons Pumping Gas SUCKS

  I hate filling the car up. It’s not a secret. My husband gets so frustrated with me when I try to wean it and I don’t blame him. I dislike getting in and seeing that I probably have already run out of fumes and it’s now running on faith; […]

50 Shades of STFU
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50 Shades of STFU

[nextpage title=”Page 1″ ] OOOOH MY LAWD! Tomorrow is the big day!!! 50 Shades of Grey is finally going to hit the big screen!!! Okay, I really don’t care, but I know a multitude of women are primed to go watch this flick, and it’s very likely their significant others […]

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When Menopause Strikes in Your 30s

When I tell people that, like my mother before me, I’m going through menopause in my mid thirties, I’m met with disbelief and often pity. I’m going to tell you right now that this is absolutely no friggin’ joke. We think of menopause and a picture of a woman in […]

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Trolls in the Sandbox

[nextpage title=”Page 1″ ] Last night I was trying, and failing miserably, to tap my well of creativity. I wanted my first post as a fixture here at SaPM to be funny, thought-provoking, and brilliant. What this means is I was mentally shooting rubber bands at the ceiling fan and […]