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Amazon Cancels ‘One Mississippi’ and Twitter Is Not Having It

You know that TV show you just love from the first minute of the first episode? For me, that was “One Mississippi.” The Amazon original series starred comedian Tig Notaro and was based on what she describes as her “worst year ever,” surviving breast cancer which resulted in a double mastectomy, battling the bacterial infection C. diff, dealing with a break-up, and losing her mother.

“One Mississippi” was quirky, heart-breaking, funny, dry, romantic, poignant, and surprisingly timely, all in twelve 30-minute episodes (6 per season). It left me wanting more  – needing more. I was so excited for season 3 and then, last week, I came across this post on Tig’s Facebook page:

Hello friends and fans of One Mississippi. You may or may not have heard that Amazon cancelled our spectacular, hilarious, powerful, heartwarming, groundbreaking, critically acclaimed TV show. I am obviously very disappointed because there were so many more stories to tell- SO many. I must say, season 3 was already shaping up to be quite the force. It is nothing short of tragic that the powers that be found no space for us to continue to speak our truths. And because of this decision, I will no doubt miss the RIDICULOUSLY gifted cast and crew that surrounded me.

“It was beyond thrilling to make a show with that caliber of talent for 2 years. I’m truly beaming with pride as I type this, thinking back on all the little geniuses running around on and off our screen. And then there’s even more pride when I consider the fact that we told exactly the stories we wanted to tell. We expressed ourselves so honestly and unwaveringly in the face of very powerful figures in the middle of a very ugly, yet exciting time- a time of necessary conversations that must continue. Thank you- each and every single one of you who watched the show with your whole heart and soul there to take it all in- laughing, crying and even laugh-crying through it all. And I must say, the one positive for me personally is to now be free from any dark shadows that attached themselves to this beautiful show. It is time to move on and surround myself once again with positive, brilliant, kind people in the next chapter of life. I hope to see you there.

I was heartbroken, and so were countless other fans who took to Twitter to voice their disappointment.



Many fans are tweeting other networks in the hopes of getting “One Mississippi” picked up again:




If you’re a fan of “One Mississippi” and need some more Tig Notaro in your life, check out her memoir, I’m Just A Person.