The Facebook like button use to mean just that—likes. Not it's a way to be passive-aggressive, show solidarity in a cause, or just hang around to watch a train wreck.
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7 Things The Facebook Like Button Has Become

The Facebook like button use to mean just that—likes. Not it's a way to be passive-aggressive, show solidarity in a cause, or just hang around to watch a train wreck.

By Sherry White of The Messy Christian

In the beginning of Facebook, I like to think the like button was just that. A like. An innocent head nod between virtual friends. But now we are all more technological (technically, technical, ummm…you know what I’m trying to say) savvy. So, the like button has evolved. It’s gained strength. Attitude. Multiple-definitions. It’s become a jack-of-all buttons, if you will. It no longer only means I like this. The unwitting thumbs-up has become a way for people to express a multitude of feelings. Here are 7 things the like button has become…

1. A Passive-Aggressive’s Dream

The ability to withhold a like is, let’s face it, powerful. Okay, not really, but for a passive-aggressive it’s a dreeaaammm! It’s the ability to say…You’ve made me mad and so now I will look at your cute kid’s picture and not like it even though I know it’s cute.

2. A Chore

I’m in a hurry! I only have ten seconds to check my phone before the light turns green and so although I know, because we are close friends, I am obligated to like your ten thousandth picture of the moon, I cannot. So now I have to go back to it later and like it. Why? Because later during a phone conversation you’re going to wonder why I didn’t like it. So, yeah.  P.S. Stop posting moon pictures…and other random nature pictures. Or, I’m going to have an intervention for you.

3. Your Personal Stamp On The Issues

The chance to say I agree with you. We are united in common belief. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I stand with you. I like you. Please like me. Please. Start liking my posts, please. I mean, why don’t you ever like any of my posts?? Whoa, wait a minute…that took an ugly turn for the worst there.

4. Tit for Tat

Ummm…excuse me, but I’ve been over here liking your numerous posts about Batman dad, 357 ways to use yarn, and the agony you’ve been in since Walking Dead took a hiatus, so now it’s your turn to return the favor. So, I’ll be over here waiting…and watching…because have you ever heard of the phrase “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”? Yeah, I thought so… so scratch it…I mean like it, already.

5. An Actual Like

Okay, this is cool. I like it.

6. A Fake Like

I don’t like this but…no one else has liked it and that makes me feel bad because you’re a really good person, Cheryl, and people are just mean. Who cares that most of your posts are about chicken and cats. You deserve better from your friends on here, so here’s a like.

7. I Want To Stay Posted To See How This Train Wreck Ends

I would never air my own dirty laundry, but others don’t seem to mind and so I’m just going to pull up a seat here by hitting the like button and getting all the notifications and updates so I can follow this modern day soap opera to the end. Real life truly is more fascinating than fiction.


About the Author

Sherry White is a wife and mother of two who can be found throwing cookies at her kids so she can bide time to write about the messiness of parenting, life, and faith at The Messy Christian. Follow her on Facebook