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5 Things Running and Sex Have in Common

By Kelly J. Riibe

Sex and running….UUGGHH. Both sound like too much work some days. However, they have the capability of making a gal feel happier and healthier. Check out this list (that all women can relate to) in order to see just how much these two cardiovascular activities really have in common.


I’m too tired.”

“It’s late.”

“I don’t want to get up early for it.”

“I have a headache.”

“I don’t want to be all sweaty afterwards.”

Ummmmm…see the cross-over? Saying no to a quickie after the kids have been put to bed or blowing off a run after leaving the office is easy and habit forming. Stay-at-home moms and full-time working females will actually unite in their agreement on this issue. Sometimes women are just too tired and want to sleep. But guess what? Pushing past the exhaustion and going for a quick jog or a frisky romp in the bedroom can lead to exhilaration (and less guilt about one’s weight and relationship status).

2-Both are Better with a Partner

Solo self-gratification just doesn’t always get the job done, and running alone can lead to less motivation when it comes to throwing on a sports bra and hitting the trail. Both coitus and running are better with a partner, someone to urge a girl on towards the finish line. Be it an epic orgasm or going just one more extra mile during a 10K training session, both of these activities are better when shared with a partner (or group, if a person is in to that sort of thing).

3-Don’t Forget to Stretch

Whether it is planning a romantic getaway or hoping to run a marathon, the same rules apply: Don’t Forget to Stretch. Flexibility and high endurance are vital when it comes to having a good sex life and working out regularly. No one wants to pull a hamstring in the bedroom or twist an ankle during the office charity run, so stretch and prepare because intercourse and distance jogging benefit from the ability to be flexible and limber.

4-Feed That Shopping Addiction

The vast majority of the female persuasion enjoys shopping. Sex and running will open up a whole new line of products to stimulate one’s buying habits. Sexy lingerie, fun running shoes, adult bedroom toys, and trendy headbands are always available when needing to put a credit line to good use. These products may also encourage a lady to take the lead in the bedroom or shoot for a triathlon.


Achieving an orgasm is the ultimate peak for lovemaking, while earning a runner’s high is the biggest pay-off for lacing up a pair of running shoes. These sought-after climaxes are greatly rewarding, but have to be earned. They take focus and commitment. Virgins for either activities rarely get it done on the first try, or even the second, third, or tenth attempt. It is usually the more seasoned lover who will be able to go for endless rounds of orgasms, just as a dedicated long distance runner can put in the time and miles to reach the sweet spot of a runner’s high. Both of these climaxes never last long enough, but trust in knowing they are worth it.

So get out there on the track or crawl under the duvet cover (or both)!


About the Author
Kelly J. Riibe has three kiddos, a husband, a dog, and a mildly curbed addiction to Diet Coke. Keeping busy for her involves staying home with her children and also finding work as a freelance writer. She has been published in Nebraska Magazine, Heels on a Farm, MockMom, and is the co-writer for the blog: Follow her on Twitter: @familyfootnote and @KJRiibe.