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5 Moms You Meet On Facebook

5 Moms You Meet on Facebook

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Facebook is fun. But inevitably, you run in to “those people,” all of whom seem to practice some set-in-stone posting rules, including fellow moms.

Here are 5 moms you meet on Facebook. Do you recognize any of these women?

The One Upper

No matter what you or your child does, she always has the exact same story, except hers is a bit more exciting/surprising/distressing.

“OMG, it’s like we are the same person except I labored for 39 hours with no meds. Did you know that little Bobby’s head actually got stuck? The doctor said he was the biggest baby he’d ever delivered.”

The Healthy Mom

Her babies came out with gym shoes on. You’ve tried to unfollow her on FB because you are tired of seeing pics of all of her leafy green meals, but she just keeps coming back.

“One of little Junior’s classmates had a birthday today. When they passed out cupcakes, my smart boy handed his back and told his teacher about the consequences of sweets. So glad I’m passing on healthy habits to the next generation”

The Hypochondriac

You have tried to comfort her. You’ve offered her suggestions and support. Then you realized that the illnesses and injuries were never ending.

“Back at the ER tonight. Luckily we got the same nurse as last week. They ran a few more tests. Hopefully the results will explain why little Sally gets tired at night. Just wanna take care of my baby!”

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The Hashtagger

You like her. You really do. You want to read her posts, but you can’t find the actual content. I get that Twitter is in but come on! Really?

“Happy 1st Birthday, Tommy! #birthdayboy #imone #wherehasthetimegone #notababyanymore #mamasboy #thomasdaniel #sohandsome #growinglikeaweed #chubbycheeks #lovemyfamily”

The Oversharer

She thinks her kid is a superstar and she wants the world to know it. In case there was any doubt, she posts daily pics, videos, and quotes so you can see it for yourself.

“She sings, she dances, and did you see her play that guitar?!? Oh and she designed that outfit all by herself. Actually sewed it by hand. Is there anything this kid can’t do? Love my Lily Bug!!!”

I bet as you read these you were picturing someone in your head. A friend? A relative? Perhaps yourself?

If it’s you, don’t feel bad. I included myself in here too. But I can’t help it. My little girl is just sooo AMAZING!!!

Wanna see a pic?