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20 Funny Tweets That Describe The Tenth Circle Of Hell That Is Bedtime

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Bedtime – the hour that we spend all day counting down to. The curtain call to our kids’ shitty antics and incessant demands, so we can finally pour ourselves a drink and peruse Netflix for that perfect movie or show to serve as background noise while we scroll Facebook and fall asleep on the couch. Except bedtime is almost never the time we parents have chosen for bed. Oh, no. Kids are determined to not go gentle into that good night and to rage against the dying of the light.

While most just flip their kids the bird under their throw blanket when little Jimmy comes stomping down the stairs for another goddamned glass of water, funny parents on Twitter are tweeting what we’re all thinking.

Here’s the tenth circle of hell that is bedtime, according to Twitter parents:



Twitter parents know. Twitter parents understand. Twitter parents are also losing their effing minds one failed bedtime routine after another.