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19 Hysterical Memes About Parents’ Relationship With Elf On The Shelf

Several years ago, when the Elf on the Shelf first became popular, I remember thinking to myself that I wished my kids were still young enough to introduce this seemingly fun new Christmas tradition. In the beginning, I loved seeing how my friends would come up with new and interesting mischief for their little guy to get into. I was jealous of their daily posts and my crafty bone itched to come up with my own awesome Elf stunts. But, alas, like all social media sensations that last for 25 days straight, I quickly got over it.

It began to stress me out just thinking about having to remember to move the little doll from place to place every night. But staying up late or getting up extra-early to come up with yet another Pinterest-inspired/Instagram-worthy pose would have been the end of me.

I’ve never kept up with the Joneses, and the truth is that I probably would have tossed him in the Goodwill box the day after cleaning up the “snow angels in flour” pose and come up with a creative excuse. “Yes, kids, Elfie’s sorry, but his mom broke her hip, and he had to stay to take care of her.┬áIt says here that he installed invisible spy cameras and will be watching you from the Geriatric Elf Rehab Center in the North Pole.”

I’m so thankful to have dodged the Elf on the Shelf bullet, and apparently these 19 hilarious people on social media feel the same way. Check out their memes below, and don’t forget to click the images so that you can follow the rest of their daily funnies.



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