If you or anyone you know went to a Big Ten school, you'll recognize more than a few of these.
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15 Signs You or Your Spouse Went to a Big Ten University

If you or anyone you know went to a Big Ten school, you'll recognize more than a few of these.
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By Julia Arnold of FranticMama.com

Whether we like to admit it or not, some stereotypes aren’t too far off the mark. In the case of my fellow Big Ten graduates, I would venture to bet that most of us share certain stereotypical similarities, especially revolving around college sports and longstanding rivalries.

Wondering if you or your partner is still an easily recognizable Big Ten graduate? Simply check the following 15 signs.

1.     You couldn’t have your wedding during football season.

2.     You dressed your kids up as a cheerleader (girl) and football player (boy) with your school colors for at least the first 3 years of their lives.

3.     More than one date night has been overshadowed by the football/basketball/hockey game playing in the background the entire evening.

4.     Your husband’s bachelor party involved going to his alma mater’s Big Game; your bachelorette party resembled bid night at your sorority.

5.     You have a gigantic school flag hanging out in front of your house year-round.

6.     More than half of your t-shirts are university-related.

7.     You have never forgotten how to chug a beer.

8.     Or take a shot.

9.     You know every single word of Bon Jovi’s anthem “Living on a Prayer.”

10.  Your children are forbidden from attending your rival school.

11.  And you can’t help but automatically hate people just a little bit who graduated from your biggest rival school.

12.  But you kind of immediately love anyone who was in the same sorority or fraternity as you.

13.  Your Facebook friends are full of alumni whom you haven’t seen or spoken to in over 10 years.

14.  You often wonder why anyone would attend a school outside of the Big Ten, and you are determined your children will agree with you by the time they’re 18.

15.  Go Blue! (Sorry, I had to).

*Let it be noted, as a true blue University of Michigan alum, I can relate to every one of these characteristics.


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