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10 Ways Living Through the 80s Made Me Stronger

By Katy M. Clark of Experienced Bad Mom

Sometimes my Tender Pumpkins ask me to get them a snack or drink of water while they lounge on the couch watching TV.


Because “You’re already up” or “You’re closer,” they plead.

At times like this, I fight the good fight. Laziness and privilege will not be rewarded. No, I stand firm and tell them that they can get it themselves.

Okay, so sometimes it’s easier to just get the stupid glass of water than engage in 5 minutes of back and forth.

But still. Sometimes I DO fight the good fight.

Furthermore, I always remind them how much easier they have it today than when I was growing up.

After all, I lived through the 80s. The Cold War was raging. President Reagan got shot. Boy bands had tighter pants and bigger hair than I did.

Indeed, here are 10 ways that living through the 80s made me stronger:

1. I went to the movies before stadium seating. If anyone sat in front of me, I could only see half the screen.

2. I learned how to drive on a stick shift. Heck, I learned how to parallel park on a stick shift!

3. I survived using a bottle of Aqua Net every week to get my 80s hair just so. (Um, sorry ozone layer.)

4. I had to get up and slide the bar to change the channel on the cable TV box.

5. I used the card catalog and encyclopedias.

6. I had to write my school papers by hand and use white-out if I made a mistake. (It smelled kinda good, though!)

7. I had to share a phone with my whole family AND it was attached to the wall.

8. I had to fast forward after the last song on the first side of a cassette tape before I could turn it over and listen to the first song on the other side. Geesh. My kids don’t even know of what I speak.

9. I had to lick the back of postage stamps.

10. Two words: spiral perm.

See? Life was hard in the 80s. My Tender Pumpkins don’t know how easy they’ve got it.

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