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10 Most Hilarious People on Facebook Last Week

Dreading the hustle and bustle of the upcoming week? Take a bit of stress out of your impending doom by enjoying some of Facebook’s most hilarious people from last week. Then be sure to check out their pages for more hilarity. Because I don’t know you, but I’m pretty sure you need it.

1. My face now, too. (Ramblin’ Mama)

2. Definitely least favorite. (Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops)

3. A struggle indeed. (One Funny Daddy)

4. Be very worried. (Samara Rose)

5. BURN. (The Unfit Father)

6. My friends and I totally sit around doing this. (Mom Babble)

7. He’s only trying to help. (Sister Serendip)

8. It was worth it. (Perfection Pending)

9. It’s a mystery. (Toni Hammer, Is It Bedtime Yet?)

10. FOUND IT. (Zoe vs. The Universe)