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Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery To Look Like Ivanka Trump, Because That’s Totally Sane

Courtesy: Instagram

It’s time for another edition of things rich people waste their money on.

A Houston plastic surgeon says his clients are spending tens of thousands of dollars to look like First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

Dr. Franklin Rose told USA Today that Ivanka “is sort of the new style icon” in his practice. He treated one woman that spent $30,000 and underwent more than six hours of surgery to look more like Trump (spoiler alert: she doesn’t). Another surgeon told USA Today that clients are requesting Trump’s “high cheekbones and elegant nose.”

Now, all politics aside, many people would agree that Ivanka Trump is a good-looking woman. But I hope that we can also agree that dropping 30 grand to look more like her is batshit crazy. Plus, there are so many cheaper ways to get that Ivanka vibe.

For example, you could:

  • Dye your eyebrows a much darker color than your hair
  • Watch “Stepford Wives” to get Ivanka’s personality
  • Find out if your dad would date you if you weren’t his daughter. If yes, ask him to state it publicly
  • Pretend to care about women and poor people but don’t actually do anything to help them
  • Affix an expression on your face which says to the world, “Please keep poor people at least 30 feet away from me at all times.”

I wonder how these woman chasing the Ivanka look are going to feel in a few years, when it’s very possible that the only time we see her in the news is when the paparazzi catches her visiting her father in prison (that might be wishful thinking).

As bizarre as it is to hear the lengths some women are willing to go to emulate someone like Ivanka, I suppose we should be grateful that men don’t seem to be jumping on this bandwagon.

If you ever start seeing an uptick in the number of orange-skinned, blonde-bird’s nest-haired men walking around, you’ll know the end is probably very near.