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15 Hilarious Tweets About Technology That Remind Us Just How Old We All Are

Technology is the best, isn't it? Until it confuses us and we can't keep up and our parents need help. Then we sort of long for the simplicity of our childhoods.

Our generation is the only one that straddles two worlds—we didn’t grow up with technology, but are completely dependent on it now. Our kids have no concept of life without it. And our parents and grandparents lived the bulk of their lives in simpler times. We are the AOL—instant messenger—dial-up generation. Most of us got our first cell phones as young adults and are 100% addicted to them now, 20 years later.

So, as this cross-over generation, we are stuck in the middle between trying (and failing) to keep up with our kids’ use of apps and video games and helping our aging parents learn what “www” means when they power up their desktops.

At the end of the day, we know technology is a necessity and that it does make our lives easier. (Remember having to pull over and read a MAP? Thank you, GPS lady, for your services.) But man, do these modern gadgets make us feel old. I mean, not as old as our parents who have no idea what their wifi password is. But still old.

So here are some funny tweets from other Gen-Xers who remember “the good old days,” back when we had to buy stamps, get up to change the channel, and use a real phone book, but who also love this 21st century world where Siri and Alexa live.

It’s an interesting life, having been able to step through time as we all did. I mean, who could have imagined back in the 90s that some day we’d have toddlers who could record Mommy in the shower and share it on Facebook? What a time to be alive!