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Trump Tweets China Move as ‘Unpresidented’ Instead of ‘Unprecedented,’ Twitter Claps Back

Trump Tweets China Move as 'Unpresidented' Instead of 'Unprecedented,' Twitter Claps Back

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama

President-elect Donald Trump just proved, once again, that his Twitter account should be wrestled away from his smaller-than-average hands.

Saturday morning Trump took to Twitter to accuse China of an “unpresidented act” [sic] regarding China’s seizure of an unmanned US Navy drone in international waters earlier this week (which China has since said it will return to the US).

Let’s not forget that this tweet has serious implications in that it further inflames US relations with China. But it’s been the typo heard around the world today.

Although Trump later published a corrected version of his tweet, Twitter was not about to let him off the hook for his seemingly-Freudian mistake:

Lastly, you know it’s bad when the actual dictionary feels the need to weigh in:

Trump has a long, humanity-crushing history of misspelling words in his tweets. Just last week, he misspelled ridiculous as “rediculous” in a tweet in which he alleged CNN was reporting fake news.

In case you’re curious, there IS an online petition circulating asking for Twitter to ban Trump. You can sign it here if you feel so inclined. Almost 54,000 people already have.

Let’s make America grammatically correct again!

(I know that, technically, spelling is part of mechanics and not grammar. Don’t @ me.)


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