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This Home Birth Story Proves Just How F**king Strong Moms Are

A mom from Columbus Grove, Ohio recently gave birth at home without assistance, proving one of the many reasons why moms are badass AF. A beautiful photo of Marissa Heckel holding her son immediately upon his grand entrance has gone viral since being shared on Facebook.

Facebook/Mariah Franson

If you’re thinking, why would anyone choose to give birth at home?

Well, for this mom, after a more than unpleasant experience delivering her first child in a hospital setting, she was determined to make this time around different. Marissa shares, “After a horrible experience being bullied about my birth plan and harassed throughout my labor, I decided to stay home and deliver my son upon finding out I was pregnant.”

In the photo, Marissa looks gorgeous – you would never guess she just endured a 36-hour, drug-free labor: “Throughout the night of active labor I sought relief in the shower and bathtub but was unsuccessful. I chose to endure the pain standing up against the wall. I just keep telling myself ‘the pain is only temporary.'”

Then what? When the magic moment was upon them, Marissa trusted her body and let it do the pushing as she sat on the toilet after attempting to remain in bed and couldn’t because it “felt too ‘unnatural.’” The head descended and as she felt that uncomfortable ‘ring of fire’ feeling, she stood up, held onto a towel rack and delivered her baby.

As a mom of three who screamed for drugs upon pulling into the hospital parking lot, I couldn’t even imagine the strength it must’ve taken to fulfill her birth plan and deliver her baby the way she wanted.

Regardless of what your labor plan is, and whether or not a natural, at-home birth is a part of it, we all can agree that the decision is truly unique and special to each mom. Heckel inspires and encourages all of us to do what is right for our bodies and for the safe delivery of our babies rather than be bullied into something otherwise.

She goes on to say, “I’ve never felt so powerful and accomplished in my entire life. Our bodies are truly amazing!!” Ain’t that the damn truth!

Marissa’s story is a true testament to how truly strong we, women, are – not only physically, but also emotionally.

The internet can’t get enough of her story, as it’s been shared over 27,000 times with comments of outpouring love and support. Thanks, internet, for delivering on this one and restoring my faith in humanity for those of you in the comment section.

Oh, and if you’re left wondering how big this baby was? She delivered a 9 lb 8 oz, 22 inch long baby with a head circumference of 36 cm. My vaheen aches just thinking about it. (Ouch!)