Crazyland with Natalia

Oh No! You Own Pit Bulls?!

Technically, I own a Pit Bull mix and an American Bully, but people see their square heads and colors and “OMG you own vicious dogs” is what I get. They don’t take a second to ask me about them, nor do they watch my dogs’ body language to see if they’re “Vicious Pit Bulls.”

I have owned a few Pit Bull mixes, a couple full blooded Pit Bulls, and various other breeds of dogs. The most vicious dog I’ve ever owned? A damn Samoyed. That little bastard was so cute and fluffy. He loved me so much that he got sick whenever I left him so I could go to school. He cuddled with me all the time and seemed like the best dog ever. Until someone other than my parents were around. He wouldn’t growl at them; he would simply attack. He attacked our neighbor and ripped into his leg like you would imagine my “Vicious Pit Bulls” would do.

There are so many people on board with getting rid of breed discrimination that it makes my heart warm. Though, it honestly isn’t getting any of the dogs in shelters adopted. It isn’t saving any of the mistreated. What it is doing is pushing people to breed more Pits and Pit Mixes because everyone wants a puppy. All holidays revolve around gifts, and animals are the number one requested gift. Once the cute puppy stage is over and people lose interest, the poor animals are sent to a shelter and killed. The cycle never ends.

I’m in a Pit Bull group where everyone shows off their cute dogs and asks for advice. Today there was a post where a girl was asking if two females would fight because she is looking for another dog to add to her family. From my experience, two females will only fight if allowed to run the house. I am top bitch in this house, and my fiance, Briggs, is top dog here too. Our two females are best friends. Sure, they have moments when they are sick of each other and get a little bitchy. You know what happens when they are bitchy? I get even bitchier. They don’t like it when Mom puts her foot down. They get in their beds to take a nap and wind up cuddling together because they love each other.

Dogs, no matter the breed, don’t give two shits about another pack member having a wiener or a coochie. They care about their role in the pack, rules, boundaries, treats, food, water, love, and play time. No matter the breed, every dog *could* have a bad temperament. How they are raised from DAY ONE is a major deciding factor. People get Pit Bulls and baby them and treat them like they are the top dog of the house, and then we have “I don’t know what happened. I tried to get him/her to do blah blah blah and they snapped!” Well, no shit, fuck face. You didn’t set boundaries from DAY ONE. You didn’t run the house. Your dog did. This is how we wind up with “Vicious Pit Bulls.”

From the day I found Lilly and she entered my home, I loved her. I have set rules that she must follow and I have put her through HELL. I started when she was a puppy who had tendencies to bite my fingers when I would give her a treat or would bite me too hard while playing. From DAY ONE I pushed her to become so angry she would lash out and bite me. Then I would correct her sternly but not abusively. From eight weeks of age, Lilly has been around kids. She is more tolerant with children than she will EVER be with adults. She doesn’t trust adults, and it takes a warming up period before anyone new can love on her. Does this mean my dog is vicious? Hell no! She actually wants to hide whenever someone new comes over because she thinks PEOPLE are vicious!

Yep, this crazy woman owns “Vicious Pit Bulls” and couldn’t be happier. Don’t discriminate because of the media hype. If you know a neighbor with a Pit Bull or a friend with one but are afraid because they are portrayed as the most dangerous breed alive, take into consideration the 1900s. Pit Bulls have been Nanny Dogs for farmers since their breed was created. Lilly shows me every day why the title was given. She would give her life for my child or yours, no questions asked and no first meeting needed. Children are sacred to her. She’s SO vicious.