Should Teachers Monetize Their Classrooms?

Like many teachers, I have been busily investigating best practices for reaching my students this coming school year. Inevitably, in the before-school rush that precedes each new school year, this includes heading to Walmart and the dollar store in a frenzy to purchase items I either don’t have or ran […]

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How to Beat the Back to School Blues

It’s almost that time of year again: Time to head back to school. I know, I know. Teachers and students across the country collectively want to punch me in the face right now (while parents likely want to French kiss me). Hey, don’t shoot (or tongue) the messenger, m’kay? It’s officially August […]


I’m Slightly Insulted By Homeschooling

Preface: Some people are going to find this post offensive. Believe me when I say I considered not even writing it before reminding myself that the therapeutic value I gain from writing about things — silly things, dirty things, controversial things — was the whole reason I started this blog in […]

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The Teacher’s Child

The teacher’s child sits alone, doodling on a scrap of paper with worn crayons and pens found in couch cushions.  “Look at my drawing, Mommy,” he says, proudly thrusting his sketch between her and the stack of papers on her lap.  “It’s you.” “That’s great,” the teacher praises, briefly glancing up from […]