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18 Tweets from Parents on the Fresh Hell That Is Winter Break

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. At least they are until that second week of winter break, when you reach your breaking point of shrieking, arguing children in your immediate vicinity.

Having kids at home for the summer is one thing, when you can throw them outside all day. But when it’s below freezing outside and you’re all under the same roof, suddenly the short days feel a whole lot longer.

You try calling the school to beg them to take them back early. You consider selling vital organs on Craigslist to afford a babysitter to reprieve you for a day. Defeated, you crawl into the fetal position and rock in the corner, hoping it will at least be over soon.

We understand. And luckily for us, the funniest parents on Twitter do as well:




So there you have it. We can’t help get your kids back to school any earlier, but you at least have some solidarity (and God willing, LOTS of alcohol) to help get you through what’s left of winter break.


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