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18 Hilarious Tweets That Will Help You Survive the Holidays


The holidays offer plenty of reasons to be stressed out: the cooking, gift exchanges, never-ending lists of obligations, and hosting your semi-racist extended family (on your spouse’s side, of course.) It’s supposed to be a time of love and joy, but those all too often spiral into yuletide guilt and cinnamon-scented anxiety.

If you find yourself struggling to cope with allofthethings, these tweets are guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit (or at least make you feel moderately less Grinch-y).

1. The holiday spirit starts with the cards we receive…

2. …And the ones we send.

3. We feel it when making things merry and bright…

4. …Even when it’s one jingle bell at a time.

5. …And in the face of unpleasant current events.

6. Speaking of which, I’ll just leave this here, too.


7. It’s in the time we spend (or don’t spend) with the ones we love…

8. …and in the veiled threats we give them.

9. It’s in the food we eat…

10. …And the food we keep anyone else from eating.

11. …And in the consequences of all the food we’re constantly eating.

12. It’s in the gifts we give.

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13. It’s in the Christmas music we listen to…

14. …No matter how early we start listening.

15. If you’re a parent, you know that Christmastime imposes all kinds of extra expectations, like advent calendars…

16. …And the motherfucking elf on the motherfucking shelf.

17. …And thinking quickly on your feet in order to uphold tradition.

18. Regardless of who you spend the holidays with, don’t forget the most important spirit(s) of all.


I hope that this provided you with some much-needed laugh therapy. If nothing else, I hope you bookmark it to show Aunt Jean when she starts talking about politics, so you can buy yourself a few minutes to make another drink.

Happy Holidays!