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15 Coffee Mugs With The Best Sayings You Didn’t Know You Needed


If I had to choose one thing that I absolutely cannot live without, it would be coffee. You can keep your wine, your cheese, even your chocolate. Just leave me the coffee. All the coffee.

Sure, I’ve tried to live without it in the past. I’ve gone cold turkey. I’ve switched to decaf. I’ve cut myself back to drinking one cup a day. But then I realized, I like walking the earth as a normal, functioning adult and not the bleary-eyed, brain-dead, post-apocalyptic zombie that I had become. I returned to coffee, in all its life-saving, magical-elixir glory, and I’ve never looked back.

Coffee is life, people.

There are a lot of advantages to drinking coffee. Maintaining your sanity being one of them. Parents everywhere will tell you it has also improved mortality rates in children. There is a direct correlation between coffee consumption and sense of overall wellbeing. Coffee increases energy levels (obviously), mood, and according to a number of scientific trials, also makes you smarter (because of course it does). It also fights disease and burns fat. It truly is a magical liquid. Can there possibly be anything to rival it? I think not.

We all know that it’s not just about the coffee, though. Or the amazing smell. Or the feel of it coursing through your veins, filling you with holy flowing life. Oh, no. The vessel that houses this synapse-firing liquid gold also holds special significance. Every coffee drinker out there has one. The special one. The favorite. The one that defies all logic and makes the coffee actually taste better.

In the market for a new mug? Looking for the perfect gift for the coffee addict in your life? Now, not only can your mug make your coffee taste better, it can also help you improve your communication skills. Here are a few of the coffee mugs you never knew you needed. Because there’s always a mug for that.

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For when you’re feeling people’d out this holiday season:

For the times when you get caught talking to yourself:

And for those moments when you just don’t feel like talking at all:

For when you’re just not sure what mood you’re in:

For when nothing says it better than swearing:

Or for when nothing says it better than a cat:

For the times when you know you’re right:

And for when you’re surrounded by idiots:

For when you should say, “I’m sorry.”:

And for when you’re tired AF:

For when you just want people to know who you are:

For the Star Wars lover:

For the grammar lover:

For the taco lover:

And for the wine lover:

So next time you don’t feel like talking, grab a java and let your coffee say it for you.