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Your Kid’s Piggy Bank Is About to Get a Serious Makeover

Photo Credit: Pigzbe Instagram

Like it or not, technology is here to stay, and that means it’s time to update your child’s piggy bank with digital currency.

Say hello to Pigzbe: a hand-held piggy-wallet™ from PrimoToys that promises to “give your kids financial superpowers” by teaching them how to manage digital currency through adventure and hands-on play.

The device features a screen-less window, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting all “Gordon Gekko” on you while counting out their cold, hard, virtual cash.

Instead, your pint sized broker-in-training will be able to monitor their savings the old fashioned way: with lights, touch and sound.

But before you roll your eyes at the prehistoric notion of a screen-less device (or any device for that matter), let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Using a Pigzbe created global coin called Wallo—think electronic cash that’s not tied to a bank—friends and family who are invited to join your network can purchase the coin directly through the Pigzbe app and instantly send your child monetary gifts from anywhere in the world, safely and securely, for a modest fee ($0.000001 to send as little as $0.005).

Once the transaction is complete, your child will receive a notification on their Pigzbe device alerting them that money has been added to their account.

Though the currency is real and can be used to purchase online through the app or in person using a Wollo card, Pigzbe isn’t just about money; it’s about teaching kids how to save, spend and manage their digital portfolio like a boss while their parents watch from afar.

For kids, the app is just a fun place to learn, play and get hands-on experience with decentralized technology. For parents, it’s a real-time way to keep track of your child’s money while teaching them to become responsible spenders.

With just a few clicks, parents can easily set goals and assign chores for their kids from a smartphone or other device, adding Wallo currency as a reward for completed tasks.

Parents can also teach children about patience by programming the app to pay their allowance on certain days, weeks or even months (if you’re a mean mom like me).

Each device comes packed with enough Wollo to get your child started and, for a limited time—before “this little piggy” goes to market—parents who back Pigzbe on Kickstarter can pick one up for a sweet price (starting at $79).

For those nervous about “backing” a product before it hits the shelves, don’t be. According to their website, PrimoToys has been producing and delivering robots, computers and connected devices across multiple Kickstarter campaigns for the past five years.

But just in case, the company is offering a 100% delivery guarantee on this device. If, for any reason, they fail to deliver your Pigzbe, PrimoToys will reimburse you for the full amount pledged on Kickstarter.

It’s only a matter of time before we’re living in a cashless society. Imagine how worthless that cute little piggy bank sitting on your child’s nightstand will be if it can only hold paper.