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Woman Ostracized After Revealing She Hates ‘This Is Us’

By Marlene Kern Fischer of Thoughts From Aisle Four

A local woman has been ostracized by her friends and community after revealing she hates the television show ‘This Is Us’. While at a luncheon with a group of friends, “Abby” (not her real name) casually mentioned she didn’t like the show.

She was unprepared for the reactions to her comment.

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According to another woman who was present at the lunch, the entire group sat in stunned silence after Abby divulged her feelings about the top-rated program. She stated, “At first, everyone just stopped talking and we didn’t know what to do. But then we asked her to leave. I know that being tolerant is important; however, her remarks were just not acceptable. We just hope she can get the help she needs.”

When interviewed for this article (at a secret location) Abby stated, “Although I knew people loved ‘This Is Us’, I guess I just didn’t quite realize the depths of their passion. Had I understood, perhaps I wouldn’t have been so honest.”

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Asked why she didn’t like ‘This Is Us’, Abby said, “I feel the writers are purposely trying to manipulate the viewers and make them cry. I know people need an escape but it simply annoys me.” She also said that she thought the plots were “predictable” and described the acting as “mediocre.” Abby did confess that she really liked the doctor character, played by Gerald McRaney, and added, “If they ever did a spin-off with just him I might watch it.”

Unsure of what she would do next, Abby said that she did not want to have to leave her community and that she “hoped people could find it in their hearts to forgive and forget her comments.”

Further details will be reported as they occur.

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Marlene Kern Fischer is a wife, mother of three sons, food shopper extraordinaire, lifelong writer, blogger and college essay editor. She graduated cum laude from Brandeis University with a degree in literature. Her work has been featured on CollegiateParent, Kveller, Grown and Flown, the Erma Bombeck Writers’s Workshop, Her View From Home, Beyond Your Blog and Better After 50. You can read more of her work on her blog: Thoughts From Aisle Four.