Woman Laughs for First Time Since Election, Feels Terrible About It

Woman Laughs for First Time Since Election, Feels Terrible About It

By Kristina Johnson of

A woman who spent the days immediately following the election weeping, eating her feelings, and tweeting compulsively, shocked herself on Thursday by actually laughing. New Yorker Miranda Gomez said it was the first time she’d so much as cracked a smile since Tuesday evening.

Gomez, who cried herself to sleep after it became clear that Donald Trump would be our next president, said she immediately felt guilty about the giggle.

“It just seems so inappropriate to laugh at a time like this. Like laughing at a funeral or something, only instead of it being your great aunt from Nebraska that died, it’s all of our hopes and dreams.”

Gomez said she was on Facebook typing out a message of solidarity to all of her non-white-male friends and family members when a silly cat video popped up on her timeline.

“It was just so funny. The cat got its head stuck in a plastic cup and totally freaked out. And also it was wearing a three-piece suit for some reason. So hilarious.” Gomez let out a burst of laughter remembering the video, which was immediately followed by plaintive wail of despair.


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