Woman Leaves Husband for Man Who Fat Shamed Her

Woman Leaves Husband For Man Who Fat Shamed Her

By Jennifer Oradat

Bethany Jones of Atlanta, Georgia, intends to file for divorce from her husband of eight years after a chance encounter Saturday at a local restaurant with the man she calls “the most honest person I’ve ever met.”

Jones, 32, is eight months pregnant with her third child with current husband Mike Jones, also of Atlanta. She was serving herself at Murphy’s Buffet on Saturday evening when the man in line behind her began calling her names. Jones states she heard him mumble “fat ass” before making references to the amount of food on her plate.

The man in question has been identified as Gary Moore, 19, an unemployed high school graduate from Alpharetta.

Jones states she was shocked at first, but is now grateful for Moore’s candor. “I’ve been married to Mike for eight years and given him two kids, but he’s never been as honest with me as Gary was today. It’s always compliments and encouragements. He never tells me I’m fat. Why should I stay with someone who treats me like that when there are decent men like Gary just waiting for the picking?”

Jones states that she and her two children, two and five, will be moving in with Moore in his parents’ basement later this week. “He sparked something inside of me that I didn’t know was there. I feel like I can trust him. We’re going to be really happy together.”

The wedding date for the happy couple will be set as soon as Jones’ divorce is finalized. The reception will be held at Murphy’s Buffet, but will instead by catered by Weight Watchers.

Moore could not be located for comment. Jones is asking for help in locating him, stating that he forgot to leave his number when he ran screaming from the restaurant this afternoon.


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