Whoa! Mom Finishes Everything on To-Do List

By Sarah Jean of Mom Truth Bomb

FLORENCE, SC – Thirty-eight year old mother of four, Laura Krause, didn’t know how to react when she made the discovery last Friday afternoon that everything on her to-do list had been completed.

In utter disbelief, she checked her list a second, third, and fourth time, coming to the same conclusion in each case. Her list was actually finished!

Laura’s excitement couldn’t be contained. She called everyone she could think of: friends, family members, local news and media outlets, and even the President of the United States.

People all over the world have heard her story, and she is currently shopping publishers for a book deal.

In a possibly related story, pigs at farms across the globe have begun to sprout wings, with several being spotted flying through the sky near London, New York, San Francisco, and Beijing.

There are also reports that Hell has begun to freeze over.


About the Author
Sarah Jean lives in New England with her husband and two wonderful children whom she loves dearly, in small increments throughout the day, in between their whining, crying, screaming, and fighting. She writes about it to make herself laugh. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram