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Viral Post Shows New Yorkers Working Together to Remove Hateful Graffiti

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama

Yesterday a group of subway passengers in Manhattan were surprised to see that every window and advertisement had been covered in swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti.

As documented in Gregory Locke’s viral facebook post, this group of subway passengers wasn’t willing to stand by and casually overlook it:

As someone who has ridden the subway in NYC many times, I can tell you it’s not typical that people would even talk to each other, let alone brainstorm a plan to remove graffiti from the windows. But someone in that subway car stood up and said, “Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie…” and other passengers grabbed their tissues and hand sanitizer and did just that.

As the post says, this was “Nazi symbolism. On a public train. In New York City. In 2017.” Neo-Nazi (AKA “Alt-Right”) propaganda is becoming more and more prevalent in Trump’s America. It’s up to us to stand together and say we will not accept it.

We are a country of different colors, backgrounds, and faiths. Our diversity is what makes America special, and we need to stand up and speak out against people who feel otherwise.

We can no longer sit back, mind our own business, and assume that things will work out okay. It is our moral obligation to stand up against hate speech when we see and hear it. And the best way to do that is by working together to educate and empower one another…and by carrying hand sanitizer and tissues, apparently.