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This New York ‘Tarmac Dancer’ Deserves Employee of the Century

We all know flying, especially during holiday time, can be a nightmare. From the crowds of people to the overbooking of flights to the layovers to the cancellations, it’s enough to make a person consider selling their soul if it means getting to their destination as painlessly as possible. That’s why this airport employee, dubbed the ‘Tarmac Dancer’ by Terry McBride, a singer/songwriter hailing from Texas, is exactly what everyone needs in their life.

McBride uploaded the video of the cheerful chap to his Facebook feed on December 8 with the caption, “Here we go again. Leaving New York this morning on my way back to Nashville and the Tarmac Dancer is back at it. #TheTarmacDancerStrikesAgain #DejaVu #EmployeeOfTheYear #Southwest.”

In the video, shot from the airplane as it prepared for takeoff on the runway, viewers can see exactly what passengers saw: an employee dancing about with his equipment, spreading joy to those who witnessed his exuberance.

And this is not the first time McBride (and countless others, no doubt) had the pleasure of watching this jolly employee bid them farewell.

In another video, uploaded to McBride’s Facebook feed on October 20 and captioned, “So this just happened out my window as I was leaving New York headed back home to Nashville. This guy rocks! #TarmacDancer#EmployeeOfTheMonth #TGIF #Southwest,” the jubilant jobholder can be seen hamming it up for passengers, proving his penchant for spreading glee is not bound by time.

Boasting over 13 million views collectively, it’s clear so many of us could use a little merriment in our lives, and this tarmac employee is happy to deliver.

Now, I’m not saying this guy deserves to be employee of the year or anything, but … yes, I am. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Because it’s rare to find someone so enthusiastic about their work, especially in high-stress fields. And this guy certainly wins the gold medal in enthusiasm.

Happy holidays to this gentleman. Let’s hope he keeps being the light we all need to see in this world.

Oh, also? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m suddenly in the mood to book a trip to New York.