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Dad Photoshops His Son’s Drawings and The Results Are Horrifyingly Awesome

There is likely not one of us who hasn’t taken a look at our kids’ drawings and thought, “Wow. What if real life animals and items actually looked like that?”

One dad, Dom, also known as thingsihavedrawn on Instagram, has decided to take his son’s drawings and recreate them using Photoshop to see just how the things his son has drawn would really look in real life, and the results are both horrifying and awesome.

Source: Instagram.com/thingsihavedrawn
Source: Instagram.com/thingsihavedrawn

We typically tell our kids that their artwork is amazing, and many times, we truly are in awe of their abilities. But when transferred from paper to everyday objects, that amazement comes with potential nightmares as well.

In all seriousness, I think we can agree that both Dom and his son have mad skills. Check out some of Dom’s and his son’s masterpieces below, and be sure to visit his Instagram feed for more.

We’re looking forward to following along to see what the duo will come up with next.


Photos via PlayBuzz. Article written by Lola Lolita, founder and editor-in-chief of Sammiches and Psych Meds.

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