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2-Year-Old Helps Dad Propose to Mom and It’s the Cutest Thing EVER

Two-year-old Christian, son of Jay Womble and Sade Robinson of Warren, MI, helped his dad pull off the cutest proposal ever last Sunday, completely taking his mother by surprise.

According to Buzzfeed News, the couple and their son joined family at Robinson’s mother’s house to celebrate 2-year-old Christian’s birthday. During the festivities, Womble handed his son a gift to open — a gift that was actually for his mother. Christian took his time opening the present while Womble positioned himself beside his girlfriend, Robinson, before she realized what was happening.

When he finally got to the good stuff, Christian revealed a box with an engagement ring inside it, which he handed to his father amid surprised and excited exclamations from those watching. Womble’s sister, Jacqueline, was able to capture the moment on video and uploaded it to Twitter, where it’s been retweeted almost 10 thousand times and liked over 13 thousand times.


Of all the ways in which Womble could have proposed to Robinson, involving their son in the process was definitely the way to go. Robinson told Buzzfeed News, “It made it so much more special. That was the part that made me cry.”

To all the guys out there considering proposing in the near future, take some notes on Womble’s approach. While flashy, expensive, and extravagant proposals are nice and feel spectacular in the moment, it’s the really intimate and thoughtful ones that will mean the most down the line.

As for Christian and his mom and dad, I am joining their family, friends, and the thousands of other people who have reacted to their exciting news by wishing them a happy, loving, and bright future.

And I’m also wishing the happy couple luck with that cute little boy of theirs when he reaches the teenage years. He’s definitely a heart-melter.