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The Mom In This Hilarious Video Gone Viral Is All Of Us In Checkout Lines

Amanda Bell in her viral Snapchat video about being in line in Kohls.
Amanda Bell in her viral Snapchat video.

Who knew that Kohls Cash, Snapchat filters, and a regular mom “keeping it real” would equal becoming an internet sensation within days? Surely Amanda Bell from Saline, MI didn’t.

In a Snapchat video posted to her personal Facebook page, Amanda did what so many of us moms do behind closed doors: she hid from her kids to mess around on her phone.

Armed with a hilariously cute deer filter, Amanda voices the thoughts we all have when we’re in a rush and stuck in line behind an uppity customer.

By transforming into four different characters via various Snapchat filters, Amanda flawlessly acts out her unfortunate store experience, and, while it may not be nice to wish misfortune on someone, we’re kinda glad this happened.

It’s not hard to see why this video broke the internet. Amanda’s situation is one of many shit shows we have all encountered at some point and will probably encounter again.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, screw what your momma taught you — just say it with an adorable Snapchat filter.

Over the course of just a week, Amanda’s video has gone viral with over 18M views and has also garnered the attention of Kohls, which was the setting of Amanda’s hilarious rant.

After Amanda’s newfound internet fame, she decided to create a Facebook page called Amanda Bell #keepinitreal dedicated to her hobby of creating funny videos that aim to, as she says, keep it real.

Check out her Facebook and YouTube for some much needed chuckles.