The Longest Chin Hair (Fresh Prince Style)
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The Longest Chin Hair Theme Song (Fresh Prince Style)

The Longest Chin Hair (Fresh Prince Style)
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Hey, this is a story all about how

My face went rogue-sprouted hair off crown

And I’d like to take a minute

Just rest right there

I’ll tell ya how there came a problem by the name of chin hair

As a female born and raised

On my legs is where my razor spent most of its’ days

Shavin; not waxin’ when it came to the pool

And all tryin’ not to cut those knobbies like a fool

When up lift my eyes- wow, that’s no good

Staring back was a lady with a whisker- where just a lady once stood

I got one little glimpse and my tweezers got prepared

I said, “You’re not daunting me with that, you stupid chin hair.”

I whistled through my teeth as I looked really near

Well, how’d that grow long and only now become clear

If anything I’m thankful it appears to be rare

But I thought, “Who grows only one single chin hair?”

I’ve made it this far – year 7 or 8

And I’m happy to report I retain a womanly gait

Every few weeks I have to use care ‘cause in that thing grows, the longest chin hair