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The Comments on Gainesville PD Officers’ Hurricane Irma Selfie Are Thirsty AF, and We Love It

Hurricane Irma is one hell of a bitch, wreaking havoc on the Caribbean, Florida, and now Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and elsewhere. And if there are any people we should thank for their time and effort, it’s the first responders who hunkered down and promised to protect and serve to the best of their ability during these trying times.

So when Gainesville Police Department Officers Nordman, Hamill, and Rengering posted a selfie before hitting the streets to fulfill their duties, it’s no wonder they were bombarded with thanks and praise for their selflessness and dedication.

But what they may not have been expecting were all the thirsty AF comments they received from citizens far and wide, many of whom suddenly had an emergency in need of addressing.

Check out our favorites, and send these guys some mad props for not only living up to the expectations of the uniform, but also for taking the compliments in stride.

…as if Florida wasn’t already wet enough

But who will protect these guys from an impending Cougar attack? 

Y’all should do a calendar, where you’re half dressed, for charity..

Hello officer handsome! Sorry, i know you’re out there helping but who doesn’t like a cute first responder…

I feel safer just looking at this picture

I’m having breathing problems at the moment. I’m located in another state but I’ll mange until Mr. officer man rescues me.

Officer Nordman, females in need of assistance. Over.

Excuse me guys… I gotta go to Gainesville and get arrested real quick 😍😍😍 I need to find out where they’re on duty at 😂😂😂

Looks like my next vacation will be spent rolling through stop signs and driving with a tail light out every evening in Gainesville until I’ve been pulled over by the entire night shift. It’s gonna get expensive, and my insurance premiums will go through the roof, but… *fans self with a birth control pamphlet*

I thought Florida was hot enough, but I’m guessing it just got a little hotter!!! Thanks for all of your help and stay safe out there💕

Way too handsome. Going to need to send’em some back up. Females on their way to Speed through Gainesville.

Seriously, can you come to NC just to make it better looking? I’m sure there’s some crime here we need you for…like if there isn’t we’ll make some!

Excuse me officer i would like to turn myself in for the thoughts running through my head. Could you use your cuffs and all that

I think my attic just caught fire and the entrance just so happens to be in my bedroom.

I wonder if they need help discharging their firearms?

Oh no! I need immediate assistance…for something…from the officer on the right….

Lord a mercy I need to not come to a complete stop worth the ticket

There may be a state of emergency… in my pants

Good thing we all stocked up on water. The thirst is real

Stay safe out there, Floridians. And if you need to be rescued, you know who to call.

To see the full thread of hilarious commentary, check out the post below.