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18 Hysterical Thanksgiving Memes That Will Make You Holler

Thanksgiving is quite possibly my favorite holiday of the year. From the turkey, to the fixings, to the pie, what’s not to love?

Well, plenty. But I’m choosing to overlook those things because FOOD. SO MUCH FOOD, YOU GUYS. Yummy, yummy food.

Yes, I know there will be people battling insufferable relatives, random houseguests, awkward conversation, and post-feast clean-up. I know there will be people desperately clinging to their last shreds of sanity, praying for the strength it takes to get through one more hour of Uncle Duke’s terrible dad jokes and Cousin Johnny’s tales of his latest conquests. I know there will be mother-in-laws, and overtired children, and that one distant aunt who gets smashed off two appletinis before the appetizers even hit the table. But have I mentioned the food? I feel like the food bears repeating.

At any rate, whatever your plans for this most glorious day of gluttony, there’s one thing we all need, and that’s a good laugh. Whether it’s to share with those you’re giving thanks alongside or to cope with those you’d be thankful not to have to see, here are 18 hilarious Thanksgiving memes to get you through the day.

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There you have it. Now get on out there, stuff your face until you hate yourself, and when things start getting rough, just focus on these memes. And then stuff your face some more.

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