Tech for the Urban Stay-Home Mom: Review of the ‘Sup Tracker

Tech for the Urban Stay-Home Mom: Review of the 'Sup Tracker

By Liv of

Apple has just released a new fitness monitor and app geared to a specific audience: stay-at-home mothers. The ‘Sup Tracker is technically superior to any previously released activity monitor. It not only monitors real time activity and heart rate, but it also monitors breathing – all to keep moms from losing their shit.

The Lose Your Shit app (LYSA) integrates fully with your smartphone. It accesses your calendar, your contacts, and links with other app-enabled devices like your coffeemaker or Nest thermostat to optimize your environment and intervene before you lose your shit.

The gentle reminders and notifications help to coach you to a more calm, balanced state of mind. It tracks and improves your state of mind by allowing you to discover when you’re about to lose it, where it happens, and what you were doing. As LYSA gets to know you better, she makes helpful suggestions to decrease your tension. By monitoring your breathing and heart rate, LYSA figures out when you’re about to lose your shit and provides you with guidance, exercises and other interventions when it matters most.

When I heard about the ‘Sup Tracker, I was initially apprehensive. Despite my apprehensions, I put it on my wrist the first night before I went to sleep. It was very comfortable and I barely noticed it while sleeping.

My mornings are usually quite hectic, as Hubs works in the city and is out before the kids and I get up. I was curious to see how LYSA would handle our insane morning routine with three kids.

The kids came into my room as usual at 7 a.m., but LYSA quietly enticed them downstairs where she had turned on SpongeBob on the AppleTV. They were still entranced when I got down at 8 a.m. – after getting an extra half hour sleep and having a shower at the LYSA’s behest. I expected the usual screaming as I got the baby out of bed but was surprised. The baby was entertained by the lullaby LYSA had started on the digital baby monitor in his room.

The app accessed my digital coffee maker while I was I the shower, and LYSA had my coffee ready when I got downstairs. I was able to enjoy my coffee and read the digital paper while the children were still being entertained. I made breakfast, and then we started our day.

Grocery shopping with three kids in tow has never been easy. LYSA turned a movie on for the kids as we entered the car; it’s never been that simple to strap them in. As we arrived at the store, LYSA realized my heart rate was increasing in anticipation of the regular shit show. LYSA popped on Bluetooth through my radio and guided me through a breathing app prior to getting the kids out of the car, and added a bottle of wine to my shopping list for after bath time.

When we arrived home, the kids ran in and sat in front of the TV after LYSA announced yet another movie. I got the groceries put away just as a phone call from my mother-in-law came in. LYSA identified the number, realized my heartbeat was increasing, and faked another call two minutes after I answered. I told mother-in-law my friend was calling and I had to go. LYSA advised me to pour a glass of wine and guided me through some breathing exercises to calm me down.

I’ve used the device and the app for over a week now, and LYSA is my new best friend. The trending reports are showing a marked decrease in “losing my shit.” LYSA even accessed my calendar and reminded me to take a Xanax before my eldest’s IEP meeting. I usually get stressed about it but, thanks to the reminder, it was a breeze.

With LYSA’s help, I’ve been sleeping better, and I even lost a couple of pounds. I was apprehensive about the ‘Sup and LYSA, but even my husband has remarked on my more relaxed state of mind. As far as wearable technology goes, the ‘Sup is far and above any other device on the market.

I give it ten out of ten.


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