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SNL’s ‘Welcome to Hell’ Is the No Sh*t Anthem Women Have Been Singing Since Forever

I don’t know if you’ve seen the news lately but, uh, lots of men in positions of power have been facing the repercussions of their dickidy diddly as of late. And in case you either don’t have a vagina or have had the fortune of living someplace where you don’t have to interact with society for the past, say, entirety of your life, the dickidy diddly is nothing new.


So when I saw SNL’s digital short (my husband says that’s not what they’re called anymore, but that’s what I’m going to call it), ‘Welcome to Hell,’ I saw Jesus before exiting my body in a fit of hallelujah.

With statements like…

All these big, cool, powerful guys are turning out to be — what’s the word? — habitual predators?

Cat’s out of the bag. Women get harassed all the time.

And it’s like … is this the world now?

…it’s hard not to stand up, scream, “FUCK YES!” at the TV while white-knuckling a set of keys in your hand (for eyeball, scrotum, or jugular stabbing purposes, OBVS), and look around your living room, asking, “Can I get an AMEN?!”

Because as easy as it’s been to ignore this recurrent problem for — oh, I don’t know — EVER, the moment of reckoning has come. And every woman on the planet is like, “DUH.”

Kudos to the ladies of SNL for so hilariously expressing what literally every woman has been thinking since her moment of birth. Brilliant, my Sisters in Scumsville. Just BRILL.

And if you haven’t seen the skit yet, you absolutely must watch the video below. Just try not to testify your way right through your computer screen.

I know it’ll be hard.