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22 Signs You Are an Extroverted Introvert

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Ever have the feeling that you might be both an extrovert and an introvert? You’re not alone. If you can say yes to some of these, chances are you’re right.

1. You hate people.

2. But you also love parties and social gatherings.

3. You spend the whole time you’re around others wishing for solitude.

4. And you spend the whole time you’re alone wishing for the company of others.

5. You love interacting with others — via text or social media.

6. But only on the sole condition that you don’t actually have to verbally — either on the phone or in person — talk to anyone.

7. You avoid engaging in conversation with your neighbors at all costs.

8. Yet you think it would be cool to join one of their backyard parties.

9. You like to quietly ponder the meaning of life in the privacy of your bedroom.

10. And then run out the next day to tell people all about what you discovered during that process.

11. You dread having to make small talk.

12. But wind up loving the new friends you make once you get past that starting point.

13. You loathe it when people are loud and obnoxious in public.

14. Then end up dancing on table tops or cackling maniacally during an outing with friends.

15. The mere thought of speaking to large crowds gives you diarrhea.

16. Yet you thrive on the energy that entertaining a crowd provides.

17. Nothing sounds better than curling up alone with a good book for a few hours.

18. Except going out and meeting people exactly like your favorite characters when you’re finished.

19. You can’t understand why anyone would want to be famous.

20. But secretly relish the thought of being so, if only for a brief moment.

21. You find being around living things to be physically and emotionally draining.

22. Yet many days you get up ready to rule the world. And you do.