These local pre-teens are congregating in a circle, on their bikes, and their masks don’t cover their noses.

Seven Conversations You’re Following on Your Local Moms’ Facebook Page

By Sulla Rose

1. Can anyone tell me what type of rash this is? I noticed it on my child’s back this afternoon. I’ve posted a picture in the comments for reference. It looks like a heat rash to me, but when I Google it, I also get results about streptococcus and rabies, which is quite concerning. I will, of course, call my child’s pediatrician, but I figured there might be some medical professionals on here who can give me advice. Perhaps some fellow parents have dealt with this issue before and could share some insight? Any help is greatly appreciated.

2. As we prepare to start another school year, this is just a friendly reminder to be cautious in the school drop-off line. Our smaller (kindergarten through third grade) friends are still getting used to their school environment, and it is imperative that we make sure they feel safe and secure. On multiple occasions last year, I observed unacceptable behavior in the morning drop-off line, including parents honking angrily at the person in front of them. (I assume they perceived drop-off to be taking too long.) On one occasion, I observed at least one profane hand gesture being used by one parent towards another. That is unacceptable. We can all stay courteous and polite and set good examples for the little ones.

3. Does anyone else think the school district did an absolutely crappy job with remote learning during the pandemic? I realize the teachers have their own home lives and families, and I understand we had to shut down abruptly, and I even recognize that there were major issues with technology, but seriously, the instruction that my kids received was unacceptable. How was your experience? Is there anything we can do to make sure the teachers are doing their jobs? And while we’re on the subject, what do you think of the district’s school reopening plans? There is no way the district is going to be able to offer proper precautions and social distancing. What school supplies is everyone buying, in light of these unusual circumstances? Has anyone seen Lysol wipes anywhere in town? Also, do you think Halloween will be canceled this year?

4. Who keeps leaving their dog poop bags all over my front yard? It’s gross. Pick up the bag and dispose of it after your walk. And why can’t people bother to pick up after their dogs in general? Twice this week, I stepped in dog poop while I was on my morning run on the town trails. It really ruins the experience for people who are trying to enjoy our beautiful town’s surroundings. Also, please stop putting your dog poop bags in my trashcan on trash day, when I’ve placed it on the curb. That’s disgusting.

5. Look at this picture of minor children that I took in the park today! These local pre-teens are congregating in a circle, on their bikes, and their masks don’t cover their noses. Do their parents not understand that we are living through a pandemic? I realize they are six feet apart and outside, but why are the parents letting these kids out? Granted, my kids are grown (proudly raised in our beautiful town a couple of decades ago!) but I felt it was my duty to post on this page and alert parents of young ones. Do you think I should have called the police? Also, I think Halloween needs to be canceled by the town. I cannot imagine any good reason for trick-or-treating in a pandemic.

6. Does anyone know anything about the new apartment buildings that are supposed to be erected on the corner of High Street and Newell Drive? It was my understanding that the area around downtown was zoned as a commercial area—is that no longer the case? I just found out that three new huge apartment buildings are about to be built, and I am upset beyond belief. Our town, and especially our schools, are already getting super crowded, and we all pay super high property taxes to be able to live in this town. How are our schools supposed to handle the influx of all these new residents?

7. Does anyone know why I’m not getting any emails from the PTA? I feel like I’m always the last one to find out about events and happenings. Is there someone I can contact to be added to the list? Should I visit the PTA website for contact information, or should I just wait for the two hundred comments on this thread to help me flush it out? Thanks for any insights; I appreciate it. Also, do you all think Halloween will be canceled this year?


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Sulla Rose (pseudonym of an author of fourteen non-fiction books) recently finished her first novel about New England suburban shenanigans. Follow her @SullaRose on Twitter.