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Mom Can’t Stop Using Emojis

By Julia Arnold of Frantic Mama “I’m really not sure when it all started to spiral out of control,” an anxious mother of two, Cecilia Winstock,* tells reporters. “I guess I just thought emojis helped texts make it clear how I was feeling. You know, like that cute smiley winking one […]

Sometimes, in parenting, an M&M doesn't get the job done. Sometimes you need to go king-sized to get results.


By Julia Arnold  After several weeks of half-hearted potty training attempts, we figured out that my son preferred peeing standing up and facing the toilet, and he was miraculously potty trained. For peeing, that is. Poop was another story. He simply couldn’t deal with sitting on the potty and dropping […]


Mom Locks Bathroom Door, Chaos Ensues

By Julia Arnold of Frantic Mama “I…I didn’t think so much could happen in 10 minutes,” distraught mother, Donna Martin, informed police at her home at 10 am Friday. “All I wanted was a shower where people weren’t turning lights on and off and flushing the toilet. That’s all I […]