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Political Swimwear Makes Another YUGE Splash and WTF Why?

In the old days, summertime meant packing the car, driving to the beach and getting as far away from reality as possible. But thanks to a Utah-based apparel company that believes it’s okay for a person to wear pizza on their clothing, “or anything else” for that matter, escaping political nonsense may be harder than you think.

The “Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit” by Beloved first reared its ugly head in the summer of 2017. It was one of the many images found in the company’s unique and hysterical line of swimwear, and once again, it’s combing beaches across America.

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The swimsuit highlights our feared leader’s YUGE ego and threatening persona with a high-def image of him telling someone off. And if that’s not enough to keep the sharks at bay, his puckered presidential neck—accentuating a woman’s right to privacy—will certainly do the trick.

Though we were unsuccessful in locating a picture of Shocked Trump’s backside, the description listed under similar swimsuits states “front and back graphic”—suggesting that onlookers may very well get an eyeful whether you are coming or going.

For those concerned about frightening small children (because, come on… what’s scarier than a larger than life Trump face?), the company also offers a variety of substitutes, including this beautifully crafted and oh, so cheerful Hillary one piece.

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Looking for something more serious? How about Bernie, minus the Brooklyn accent?!

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From Kim Jong-un to Mark Zuckerberg with a Bush in between (so many puns), Beloved has something politically incorrect for everyone.

But enough about politics; let’s see how these swimsuits look up close and personal.

According to the company’s website, their swimsuits are made from an ultra-soft fabric with full flex elastic around the leg openings, armhole, and neckline that “contours your form and is meant to flatter.”

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Judging from photos we found on their Instagram page, these jokers weren’t kidding about form-fitting style.

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Or WERE they?

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Whether you’re a diehard instigator or just someone hoping to make a few waves at the beach this summer, Beloved swimsuits are a sure-fire way to get people talking.

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The real question, though, is why.

Photo Credit: Beloved Shirts Instagram

Seems to me the world would be a happier place if everyone would STFU about politics and pass the tequila.