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Penmanship Police Go After ‘Crips’ on Twitter After Graffiti Incident in Atlanta

As a woman, mother and resident of downtown Atlanta, I tend to pick my battles when it comes to tormenting assassins. But according to a trending feed on Twitter aimed at the notorious ‘Crips’ street gang, not everyone is as fearful of the reaper as me.

After the Newton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they were investigating a “possible” gang-related incident involving graffiti, spray-painted across at least three homes and a car, WSB-TV reporter Jovita Moore shared the story, along with a few graphic pics, on Twitter.

Photo: @JovitaMoore Twitter

The tweet, later deleted, became an instant sensation with online penmanship police, who claim that real Crips gang members would never write in cursive (uh…NOT cursive!) or use exclamation points.

Photo: @AngryBlackLady Twitter

“I’m sorry,” wrote @Popehat, “but if they’re spraypainting in Cambria font it’s probably not actual Crips.”

Soon after, a shit-storm of comebacks emerged that even the most sinister of gangsters would find amusing.

Photo: @nitropowerjason Twitter
Photo: @wanderslug Twitter
Photo: @darthstar99 Twitter
Photo: @schizrade Twitter
Photo: @Popehat Twitter

Bold and caustic, the comments on Twitter did not end there. From “WestSide Pottery Barn Crips” to “Becky writing ‘Crips!!’ using an eat, pray, love font,” the mockery of graffiti culprits continued to spread like wildfire.

And though some speculate that using a double exclamation point means that gang members are serious, it doesn’t seem likely that Newton County residents will be forced to sleep with one eye open for long. According to “Some Random Guy,” true ‘Crips’ know better than to include an ‘S’ at the end of their logo when leaving a calling card behind—Duh!

Photo: @Sammyveli Twitter

Despite the comedic banter—poking holes into gang-related theories and taunting thugs online—the story is upsetting to the victims, primarily the unidentified man who claimed that the perpetrator(s) also stole valuables from his home.

“I’m a very private person,” he said. “I don’t bother anyone.”

Though the investigation is still underway, police are hopeful that video surveillance obtained at the scene will help them identify a suspect.

Until then, here is a question for the Twitter police: What do you think the punishment is for vandals posing as Crips? 😳😳😳