Parents Upset Over Indoor Play Center Supervision Requirements

Parents Upset Over Indoor Playground Supervision Requirements

By Rachel McDougall of Toilets Aren’t For Turtles

A vocal group of parents is in an uproar over what are being described as “barbaric and archaic” supervision requirements at some of the country’s most popular indoor play centers.

Shocked to find that they are required to supervise their own children while they are playing, parents are taking to Facebook to demand more ‘hands-on’ support from the adolescents who make minimum wage working at these centers during the school holidays.

“Why the hell should I have to supervise my own child?” demanded frustrated father Ken S. “I pay $15 per kid to come here. You’d think that would mean I can sit and drink my coffee in peace for a couple of hours. It’s not even good coffee, and the WiFi is shit. I mean, c’mon! Haven’t I sacrificed enough?”

Other parents agreed with his sentiments, lamenting their own lack of quiet time during their visits to the centers.

“I had one other mother actually ask me to go and help my child down from the top level this morning. So rude! You wouldn’t see me interrupting another parent like that while they were on their phone. It’s just outrageous!” said Sue M.

Assistant Manager Pete Davis of local Jumpin’ Jacks indoor play center franchise released a statement today explaining the center’s position on child supervision.

“Of course parents are required to supervise their own children while at Jumpin’ Jacks. This is not a fucking daycare center. Our workers are here to clean and serve food, not to look after your spoiled little brats all day.”

Angry dad Cain B. has started a Facebook group called “Parents for Better Non-Parental Supervision at Jumpin’ Jacks,” which has quickly gained dozens of like-minded followers.

The pinned post for the group reads:

“The parents in this group DEMAND better supervision of our children by people other than us at the Jumpin’ Jacks chain of indoor play centers (and all other play centers with this ludicrous Parental Supervision Required policy).

“Requiring parents to accept full responsibility for the supervision of the children in their care at all times is unreasonable, unfair, and un-American.”

A rival group of parents who appreciate the supervision rules and wish other parents would pull their goddamn heads in and just do their jobs has also set up a Facebook group, named “Parents Who Wish Other Parents Would Supervise Their Own Fucking Children at Jumpin’ Jacks.” The group is currently pending due to Facebook’s rules around obscene language.

More information about Jumpin’ Jacks’ supervision requirements can be found at the front desk, on at least 17 signs displayed within each center, and on the company’s website.

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