Jeff Bliss: Insightful or Inappropriate?

So I came across this article from The Educator’s Room last night while scrolling through my FB feed, and naturally, I was captivated.  Jeff Bliss, a high school student somewhere in America, got mad at his world history teacher and blew up in front of the whole class, criticizing the […]

This is What Anxiety Feels Like

This Is What Anxiety Feels Like

I’ve always been “high strung” — you know, that thing people call you when you like things to be a certain way and you are bossy and you sweat the small stuff and you can’t stand when pictures hanging on a wall are off center but have no problem leaving […]

S is for Stress, Screaming, and Shidookey

S is for Stress I am Stressed. Out.  I can’t commit to one responsibility for longer than 10 minutes because the other responsibilities just sit there, mean muggin’ me. I have papers to grade.  No matter how many I grade, the pile continues to grow. I have dishes to wash.  […]