Hey, Judgy McJudgerson: STFU (a rant)

If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time (or reading blogs or listening to the media or venturing out of your home and into society), you’re likely familiar with Judgy McJudgerson. S/he is the one who says you’re going to hell/are a terrible person/should go kill yourself immediately if […]

Why This Non-Runner Started Running

I hate to run. I hate it because I detest being too hot and my face gets red and my thighs eat my shorts and I have zero stamina and I start to sweat in places I didn’t even know had glands. Mostly, I hate to run because it’s hard. Recently, […]

Hello. My name is Mrs. Sammich, and I have an anger problem.

It’s more like a feelings problem, really. Whereas normal people get sad, I get blubbering-bucket-of-tears sad.  Whereas normal people get worried, I get certain-an-airplane-toilet-is-going-to-come-crashing-through-the-roof-and-kill-us-all-repeatedly worried.  Whereas normal people get angry, I get blood-pressure-spikingly-and-extremity-tremblingly angry. I’d say I’m bipolar (isn’t that when people get super manic and then super depressed and […]