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Open Letter to Kim Davis, Kentucky County Clerk

Kim Davis, Kentucky County Clerk, thinks she's God, denying same sex marriage licenses. And here's what this writer has to say about it.

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Dear Kim Davis, AKA Kentucky County Clerk suing for the right to be God:

Please explain to me where in the Bible it says that Kim Davis shall decide the marriage laws of Kentucky. Once you find and highlight that for me, please rip that page out and stick it up your… well, never mind. You see, I can say that because I know that isn’t in the Bible.

Here is the honest to goodness truth, Kim. I don’t care what you believe. I don’t care if you believe that my gay and lesbian friends shouldn’t get married. However, you took a job which issues licenses based on the law of the land. The law has changed. If you can no longer do the job assigned to you, in the words of Donald Trump, “you’re fired.”

If I switch to a religion that no longer believes in the number 7, I can’t all the sudden refuse to reconcile accounts at my work that have that number. Or I should say – I can, but there will be consequences. There is freedom of speech and freedom in choices, but that doesn’t mean there is freedom from repercussions of those choices. When did everyone forget about that?

When straight couples come in to get marriage certificates, are you checking to see what sort of activities they are doing before issuing the licenses? I am concerned that you have violated your own beliefs by issuing licenses to those who may have different religious beliefs than you. Is there any shellfish-eating occurring, sodomy in those relationships, or pre-marital sex? Have they ever violated the big 10 (you know, the commandments that were specifically spelled out, of which gay marriage is not one)? How can you even sleep at night not knowing every detail of every marriage you have issued a license to. I mean, really, you are the God of Kentucky marriage. In the end, I’m sure you will have to answer for all the approvals.

Wait. I just skimmed; my bible doesn’t mention you. Is there a reprint I missed? Or is that writing only there if I fast? I read you did that before defying the ruling.

Another question: if I fast and pray before I rob a bank, should I be allowed to break that law and sue someone since my religion told me it was ok? I’m trying to find the ground rules on where religion becomes a ridiculous crutch. No, I’m kidding. I’m not finding the ground rules. I have them. I’m trying to get you to catch on.

How’s it working?

I want to take a minute to tell you about one of my good friends. I don’t think you will actually read the rest of this, because if your behavior tells me anything, it’s that you are interested mostly in yourself and your views. I’m going to continue, though, to get this out.

My lesbian friend whom I love possesses the following qualities: she is generous, kind, hard working, funny, and loving. Examples? Ok, you don’t have to twist my arm.

She is on a committee that looks into volunteer opportunities. She seeks out ways for our company to give back to the community, and not only that, but she also participates in these opportunities. She has been a great friend to me and my children. She has listened to and advised me on problems several times.

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I can’t pretend to know why or how she turned out to be such an awesome person. Here is what I think, though. People like you who have made her life harder than it should be by denying her rights have given her compassion for those less fortunate than herself. Instead of going to a church three times a week to figure out how to target and bring another group of people down, she has turned to actually helping her community and bringing them up. She has turned to taking action to make sure that people around her don’t have to experience the discomfort that she has felt in her life.

Though the activities that she volunteers for are different from the basic human rights that are at the core of gay marriage, the fact that being there for your fellow man is at the core of every push of society to make things better rings true. Wait, I don’t think it rings true for you. Check yourself on that.

I mean, your brand of wasting the court’s money, denying people their right to love and marry, and blaming other people for the impending consequences of not doing your job doesn’t seem to actually do that, but maybe I am missing something. I guess I’m saying your rejection of other humans has served its purpose.

Through the stench of intolerance has come an impossibly wonderful, caring person. Imagine what she and millions of others could have done if they didn’t have to waste time or energy on an effort to be recognized as adult humans with the right to attach themselves to other adult humans for life. Does it make you sad, the wasted time and efforts? Silly question, I know, considering what you are doing with your time.

In closing, Kim, treat others how you would like to be treated and quit wasting gay and straight tax payers’ money. We need it for the schools so we can teach children the things that you appear to have missed in school — like, umm, government and common sense class.

Thank you,