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NY Pediatrics Office Crushes It With Pro-Vaccination Message

A Rochester, NY pediatrics office, Legacy Pediatrics, is gaining attention recently for a well-timed and boldly pro-vaccination statement.

The office staff shared a photo of themselves wearing t-shirts reading “Vaccines Cause Adults” — a spin on the popular and debunked myth that vaccines cause autism — to social media and received quite a bit of positive feedback on their message.

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Kate Shand, a PA at Legacy Pediatrics, said she was inspired to create the t-shirts by a meme and was able to enlist Crazy Dog T-Shirts owner Bill Kingston to print the shirts for free.

“The anti-vaccine movement has such a voice that the pro-vaccine movement needs to,” Shand tells WHAM ABC 13. “Kids are getting sick from vaccine-preventable illnesses, which shouldn’t happen in 2019,” Dr. Janet Casey, also of Legacy Pediatrics, adds. “One of the things that’s so important for pediatricians and other healthcare givers, is to get out there and make it as loud a message as possible that vaccines save lives.”

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Shand’s idea to broadcast the pro-vaccination message comes on the heels of a local measles outbreak that has yielded 7 confirmed cases of infected children among an isolated, anti-vaccination cluster of residents. Nationwide, the number of people infected with measles, most of whom are small children, has reached 270 since last fall.

T-shirt shop owner Bill Kingston says he has been flooded with orders for the t-shirt since its Facebook debut. “They’re great,” he tells ABC 13. “We put our heads together and thought maybe this can be a voice for the people on the vaccination side.”

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This message is undoubtedly an important one, particularly in our modern anti-medicine culture. Here’s to hoping parents who have been avoiding vaccination and come across it take heed.

And that both the original meme creator and those working to spread this message receive due credit and make a positive impact on the campaign to ensure no more children needlessly suffer from entirely preventable diseases.

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