New, Urine-Scented Bathroom Tiles Help Busy Moms Save Time

By Sharla Wilkins

Moms of boys across the country are hailing the invention of urine-odor-impregnated bathroom tiles as “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” Created by Custom Tiles R Us, a subsidiary of All Things R Us, the tiles, known as Ur-In Tiles, have been in such demand, consumers are being told they are backordered for at least three months.

“We saw the need for our product, the first of its kind in our industry, and created something all mothers could appreciate,” Custom Tiles R Us owner Ron Jefferies says. The Ur-In Tiles hold a special place in Jefferies’ heart, as he remembers the difficulty his own mom went through when he was a child, having to ensure Jefferies peed on the floor everyday, despite her struggle with being a “big fat poopy butt.”

Customers will be able to chose from a variety of colors, with all tiles emanating the smell of urine and specialty tiles also showcasing a stain pattern.

Available in both standard 10 x 10 and 12 x 12 sizes, color tints range from ‘Peed on Last Week’ to ‘Peed on This Morning’ and are shipped with complimentary urine-yellow-colored grout, for authenticity.

“This really takes the pressure off Karson to make sure he misses the toilet every morning,” says mom Kaitlin Smalls of Ann Arbor, Michigan, one lucky mom who purchased the tiles prior to the shortage. “He now has more free time to stuff socks under the couch.”

Those only married to the male species, and not mother to one, need not fret. An adult version of the tiles, dubbed the ‘Still Missing the Toilet,’ will be available on the Custom Tiles R Us website by the end of the year.


About the Author

Sharla Wilkins lives in Texas with her husband and two sons. She’s a writer and amateur photographer, and yes, she’s correcting your grammar in her head.